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Friday, November 11, 2005
Happy Birthday to me! I'm not sure what the plan is for today. Originally DH was going to take the day off and watch Henry so I could have the day off. BUT, DH has a nasty cold so it looks like I will be 'working' today after all. Oh well, I will be hanging out with the super-cutest-sweetest baby in the universe! And I got some great gifts to play with (more on that tomorrow) and a bit of money--maybe I will do some online shopping.

Happy birthday! Did you and your mom combine your birthday celebrations when you were growing up or did you each have your own special day?
Happy Birthday Stephanie!!

I think it's cool that you & your mom have birthdays so close. There's a lot of that in my family. And a friend of mine has a birthday coming up in a few days -- one she shares with not only a sister, but also a son (and she has another son who was born on MY birthday...).
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