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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Yesterday I saw this post by Larissa and decided that I had to knit Henry one of those baby gnomes. So I did a web search and found the free pattern here (oh how I love the internets). I whipped one up for Henry using my trusty Cascade 220 leftovers and polyfil (instead of wool batting). He seems to like it. Mainly, he likes eating the end of the hat.

How adorable!
Oh gosh the gnomes are so darn CUTE! I've gotta make some of these. Wouldn't this be the cutest package decoration?! Like a little holiday elf or something. hehe Love it. And ornaments too!
I love it! Oh dear, now I've got to make one for my friend's youngest son! Looks like it's a quick knit, so hopefully I can pull it off before Sunday!
Thank you for the link.
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