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Thursday, November 10, 2005


I have the greatest mom ever. Seriously. I am lucky and you should be jealous (don't worry, I have lots of other annoying and crazy relatives to even things out).

I called her bright and early this morning to say happy birthday and make her open her present (nothing handmade this time).
  • Green Bay Packer ski gloves (for the game she's going to on Christmas day...brrrrr)
  • Green Bay Packer snowman earrings
  • 2 Christmas ornaments
  • some yummy shower gel

Hope you have a great day, mom!

I totally *heart* your mom. Happy Birthday!
Oh, Happy Birthday to Henry's Nana!

Re: Your Christmas knitting/sewing with a baby in the house. Do what you can and don't beat yourself up -- a promise for knitted socks (maybe wrapped with the green/gold yarn) is good enough if they're not quite finished. (Call that Harlot hotline, if you need to!) That Santa stuff for Henry ought to be pretty quick to knock off, though, cuz he's still a little baby!!
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