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Wednesday, November 09, 2005
Hmmm. I am struggling with trying to figure out how much holiday knitting I can really get done this year. Babies can keep you very busy, so my knitting time is pretty limited! (like right now, Henry is taking a nap. but I want to blog and then take a shower. see, no knitting time) And since I'm staying home with the baby, money is limited as well.

Sewing time is almost non-existent too. Partly because we have no space for me to haul out my sewing machine and accessories and it's almost impossible to find room to cut stuff out. Then there's the fact that the sewing machine is in the dining room and Henry usually naps in the living room so of course I don't want to run the machine and wake him up!

I think I will take the easy way out and give framed Henry photos to a lot of the relatives. I have one pair of socks done (sister) and another pair is 75% complete (DH's cousin). I really want to knit a new pair of slipper socks for my mom since her favorite pair has holes. Then, my sister requested a pair of sewn Packer shorts (like some I made for myself) and my dad requested Packer socks (after he saw mine). Let's not forget that I simply must knit a santa hat and Christmas stocking for Henry.

Uh, I better get to that shower so I can do some knitting during the next naptime!

It's amazing how fast children grow, though at times it doesn't seem that way. My babies are 22 and 17, so I have lots of time for knitting now and you will too one day. Staying home with Henry is one of the greatest things you could be doing and I can tell you are enjoying it.
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