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Monday, December 12, 2005

Well, I'm not sure why I haven't felt like blogging lately. Maybe it's the stress of the holiday season, or this headache that I've had for days (and maybe the 2 are related, ya think)?

Anyway, at least my cold is just about gone and neither DH or Henry seem to have caught it. I've been doing some knitting and I'm almost done with my holiday gifts. All of the sewn gifts are done. I finished knitting my sister's bf's boot/slipper socks (see pic). They are 2 strands of woolease (in wheat) on size 8 needles. BIL's slipper socks--1 down and the second one started. That only leaves DH's Christmas stocking, which I just started today. Oh, and I need to finish up a frame that I'm painting for my mom.

I went to the post office today and mailed off most of my packages. There's just one big one left that goes to my mom's house so it's not quite ready to go yet.

I made the executive decision to put my sewing machine away for a little bit. I keep wanting to start new sewing projects but I just don't have the time right now since I need to finish up the holiday stuff. Then when I get the sewing machine back out, my first priority will be size medium cloth diapers for Henry (size small don't fit any more)! I need to order more Aplix although I may use some Christmas money to buy a snap press.

edited to add: sock labels available here

Hi Stephanie...I noticed your neat wraps for the cute socks...did you get those on line? I remember printing something similar for Christmas gifts last year but I can't find where I got them. Would you mind sharing the info?
Sounds like you're all ready for Christmas. The labels are nice. Too bad I didn't knit any gifts this year.
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