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Friday, December 23, 2005
Random Friday
  • I've been doing some baking. I made holiday pretzel treats, snickerdoodles, gingersnaps, m&m cookies, and peanut butter cookies. Tomorrow I will bake a pecan pie and I might also make some raspberry thumprint cookies since Karen sent me a recipe.
  • I think I have a sinus infection, but naturally my doctor's office is closed until Tuesday. So I consulted the very wise (and kind) Norma (did you see her gorgeous mittens?) and I am taking her advice (steam, neti pot, myrrh, and slippery elm, sudafed). Hopefully I will feel better by Sunday, when we are supposed to take Henry to visit his Grandma in L.A.
  • I'm having lots of fun knitting my Port Orford sweater (I'm working on the back right now).
  • Have you seen the YEAR-END BLOWOUT sale at Webs? Hmm, very tempting. I'm thinking about some Donegal tweed. We'll see if there's any left after I decide what to do with my Christmas money.

I made those pretzel things this afternoon with regular-shaped pretzels (but smaller than regular size) since I couldn't find any square bite-sized ones. I used peanut butter filled Kisses and OMG!! they are soooo good! I was going to make thumbprints today too but couldn't find my grandma's recipe so I'll make them tomorrow at my mom's.

Nummy!! ;)
Those pretzel treats sound great!
Merry Chrsitmas Stephanie, hope you feel better
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