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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The other day when we went for our family walk, Henry wore his cute little Robeez shoes for the first time. I sort of remembered seeing a pattern online somewhere to make something similar. A bit of searching (I love google and the internets) and I found what I was looking for here. I know some people have made them with leather, but I was more interested in using microfleece(cozy!) or faux suede or flannel or wool. Needless to say, I made several pairs. Some are for Henry (the 3-6 month size fits him well right now) and some are for gifts. I even made some for the preemie project and I am working on sizing the pattern down for teeny baby feet. I can see sizing this up later on and using Jiffy Grip on the soles for when Henry actually starts walking. Fun!!

Those sea themed ones are so cute!
Thanks for the link to those - they look so cute and so easy! :)
Adorable! Again, thanks for working on a smaller size for TPP. I would like to give it a try.
Those are SO cute! Thank you for coming up with a smaller size. I know it will be useful for many future volunteers. So cutE!!!!
hi! i know you from mdc. i have preemies myself! all thier lil hats looked like flower pots on thier heads-LOL
The 3-5 pound ones look perfect!these slipper/shoes are adorable!
i need to try to make some for my sweeties in my *spare* time
take care,
My son had a pair of Robeez! we loved them..yours look amazing!
those are great - will definitely be trying them!
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