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Monday, January 23, 2006

I've been doing a lot of crafting over the past week or so, but for some reason I really haven't felt like blogging about it. Maybe I just have too many projects going on and not enough time?

  • I finished up 4 more fitted diapers and am just waiting for my new industrial snap press to arrive (!!!!) so I can put snaps on them (instead of aplix).
  • I finished up some baby gifts, which of course I can't show you here.
  • I'm working on sewing a cow-print diaper stacker for Jenn (no blog, sorry) who is due in March and has a barnyard-themed nursery.
  • I started some wool longies for H using some leftover kelly green Cascade 220.
  • I started and finished 10 postcards for the postcard swap.
  • Above are 4 hat/footie sets that I finished for the preemie project (check out who is on the homepage).

Enough with the diapers already! I haven't even made ONE yet!! ;)
Everyone is going to go crazy over those footies...they are so cute!
Hi! I love your postcard! The fabric is adorable! Thank you so much!
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