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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Well, I didn't get around to making any Christmas diapers for Henry, but I did make him 2 for valentine's day! I really like these. They are all flannel and I think I spent $6 total at JoAnns for the fabric. The body has 3 layers of flannel and the snap-in (!!) soaker has 8 layers. I also made matching doublers which are 6 layers of flannel. Cute, no?

I'm also thinking that I need to order a size 16 die for my snap press--that's what's generally used for kids clothes. Right now I'm using size 20 snaps for diapers but that would be just too big for sleepers and bibs.

Do you have a serger or is that regular zigzag? I looked at a snap press but talked myself out of it because a) it weighs a ton and would no doubt cost a fortune to ship to me and b) I doubt I'd use it enough to make the whole penny-pinching point of CD work for me. And besides, I haven't even cut out a diaper yet. ;)
Hiya! I only have a size 16 die for the caps, you can use size 20 studs and sockets with the size 16 cap, so that might save you a bit in buying new snaps and both dies!

Well done on the diapers, they look great as always!
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