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Friday, February 24, 2006

Yesterday Henry had his 9-month well-baby appointment. He is doing great. 28 inches and 16 pounds 10 oz (keep in mind that his adjusted age is about 7 1/2 months, so he is small). The one thing I talked about with the doctor is the fact that he is constantly hungry! So, we are moving from 2 meals a day to 3 meals a day and adding in some new foods, especially protein sources like tofu and beans. Here's H trying tofu for the first time. He's still not to keen on anything that isn't super-pureed, but he had fun playing with it anyway.

So, I started looking at some of my books on healthy food for babies, etc. I even got out this kit, which I got super-cheap on clearance while I was pregnant (I think I have the older version because it looks slightly different and I paid like $7 for it). Now I'm thinking I might actually try making my own baby food. That way I can make it all (or mostly) organic and it will be much less expensive. This kit makes it seem really easy--just buy organic fruits or veggies, clean, cook, and puree. Then you stick them in the freezer in the little ice cube tray thingies and you have nice little 1-oz portions that will keep in the freezer for 2 months. Cool. I will have to get to the co-op and pick up some more organic produce. Right now I'm soaking some organic black beans so I might actually make those first. I'm going to cook them in the slow cooker overnight and then use some for black bean soup tomorrow and the rest for babyfood.

This morning I pureed the rest of the (silken) tofu with some sweet potato and apple babyfood (H's favorite) to make a pudding. He ate it for breakfast and loved it. I have one tray full in the freezer right now!

My son (when he was Henry's age) was always hungry when he first woke up. He would eat an adult serving of oatmeal with applesauce mixed in and two huge cups of watered down apple juice. The boy loved apples! I sometimes made his baby food and froze it in regular ice cube trays.
Cute baby!

Heads up, though. I found out the hard way that soy protein is one of the most complex protein molecules there is (more complex than cow's milk) and therefore can lead to an allergy --- just like kids can get milk allergy from getting cow's milk too early.

Although there are no food allergies on either side of the family, my son developed a strong allergy to soy (which has over time become a generalized legume allergy, sigh). Soy protein is added to just about everything too. Since I cook from scratch most of the time it isn't that bad, but it can be inconvenient eating out or at a friend's.

We used to be vegetarians, but not any more. My son wishes he could be one for ethical reasons, but realises it won't work for him not eating any meat or legumes. So he decided to draw the line at mammals. Therefore, I know a bazillion ways to cook chicken.

Only consolation for me is that soy or other legumes are probably in most MRE's, so perhaps it will keep him from being drafted.
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