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Wednesday, February 08, 2006
Bad news: DH isn't feeling so hot. He just got back from the doctor who says he has several infections and sent him home with antibiotics x2 and painkillers. He will be home from work for a few days (which never happens, so you know he's really sick).

Good news: In 2004 I was wrongfully fired from a job for telling them that I was pregnant. It looks like they will be cited with a violation and I will get a small settlement (yay, to pay off some debt). Of course the bad news is--it should have been a large settlement, but the weasels found a way around it. Oh well, I'll take what I can get.

And just for fun, here's a pic of Henry in his new green longies. I knit a matching hat, but he recently decided that it's fun to pull hats of his head!

Well that sucks. You knew they were weasels in the first place. At least you're getting some kind of settlement. You can take pleasure in knowing they'll get theirs some day.

Sorry DH is sick - hope staying home and resting with meds helps. :)
Get well soon to your hubby!! (Haha, that was almost "Get WOOL soon" and would most certainly have been a wish for you!)

Henry is adorable, as usual. ; )

I remember that job/firing! Yay for you (wish that could be in all-caps for the big settlement). I hope your hubby is a good patient, or you a good nurse. Try to have a good weekend, Stephanie.
hi stephanie.. thanks for your postcard, it was sweet and soft! hope your DH gets well soon.
Hi Stephanie! I'm new to your blog and enjoy reading it! Sorry about the job thing, but that's good you get some money out of it. Also, I am curious as to what pattern you used for the knit pants. I am interested in making some for my almost 4 month old daughter.
Take care!
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