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Friday, February 10, 2006

I don't think I've mentioned that Henry has started school already (heh, my MIL laughs for 15 minutes every time we tell her that Henry is going to school). Every Friday afternoon for 2 hours we attend parent-tot classes at the Waldorf school of San Diego. It is sooooo much fun. It gets us out of the house and we spend time with other parents and babies. We sing songs and play and eat healthy organic snacks. The parents even get to do craft projects (right now we are hand-sewing little flannel dolls)!!! Today Henry wore his new acrylic longies (over a handmade sheep fitted diaper) and he got tons of compliments. Everyone was so impressed with my sewing and knitting. One mama is getting ready to switch over to cloth once she gets a washer and dryer so she was asking for tips on fabrics and patterns. Oh, the knit baby gnome was a big hit as well.

Well that knit baby gnome is about the cutest thing in the world after Henry - of course it got a lot of attention! How fun! Does Daddy go too? :)
And, they should be impressed--you're very talented.
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