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Thursday, March 09, 2006
Hurrah! It looks like I will be going to my knitting retreat tomorrow. Henry is starting to feel better and so far I haven't caught his cold. My MIL is coming to help DH for the weekend (DH has a presentation to give next week so he will be working on it from home). Now I am just thinking about what to pack--mainly what knitting to pack. My main project will be Henry's baby blanket--you know, since I want to finish it *ahem* before he becomes a toddler. Of course I'm also bringing some socks for truly mindless knitting. I'm really looking forward to this, although I will miss Henry terribly. But I'll only be gone from Friday afternoon until 1pm on Sunday.

edited to add: I just finished my second cotton market bag. woo! Sorry, no pics because we moved the computer and I don't know where the usb cable for the camera is. This bag is very similar to the yellow one I posted recently, but it's terra cotta colored and I made 2 short handles instead of 1 long one. There's something very satisfying about making something so practical and good for the environment (I've been using the yellow one a lot when Henry and I walk to the grocery store with the stroller).

Hope the retreat was fun and rejuventaing!
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