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Tuesday, March 21, 2006
Remember how I said I was going to start eating better? Um, yeah. I say that pretty often and it rarely ever happens. Today started off ok--a juice spritzer (you know, instead of a diet Coke), a bowl of almond-flax granola with plain soymilk, and a little bit of coffee. Later I had the diet Coke anyway with a small organic date-almond-coconut bar from the co-op. It was very much downholl from there--Arby's drivethru AND an entire box of Andes mints for lunch. Ahem. Now I have a tummy ache--imagine that? I don't think peppermint tea can help me this time.

Poor Henry is still having stomach problems. We are going through about eleventy million (disposable) diapers a day. His doctor said that it could last for a week. Oy.

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