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Monday, March 06, 2006
Random Monday
  • Poor H has another cold. He was up every 2 hours last night cuz he couldn't breathe. I hate seeing him sick--he gets so upset because he doesn't understand why he can't breathe or why I try to suction the yuck out of his nose. He's napping in his swing right now. I've noticed that he prefers to sleep there when he's congested, which makes sense.
  • I tried out the new Cuddlebuns diaper on H this morning and I really like it. Although it's bulky, the fit is good. It was very absorbent and I can tell that it will definitely fit him for quite a while.
  • So far today I made organic prune babyfood for Henry, eggsalad for sandwiches (dinner), and I have rice pudding in the crockpot (I'm trying a vegan version cuz I had lots of soymilk in the fridge--we'll see how it turns out. I also used Silk creamer, so it looks promising).
  • I started knitting another diagonal garter stitch baby blanket for the preemie project using some vareigated cotton/acrylic that I had in my stash. I'm all about the mindless knitting. Still.
  • I'm planning to go to my annual knitting retreat (!!) in northern California this coming weekend. Cross your fingers that the stars will align and H will be feeling better by then.

The stars better align. Don't make me come down there and kick your butt in front of H.
Oh the stars are going to align, baby.
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