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Thursday, April 06, 2006

I made one of those shopping cart seat covers and I'm pretty pleased with it. Especially since I used stuff I already had instead of going out and buying a ready-made one for around $30. I used pattern Simplicity 4636 with just one modification--I put 2 slits in the back, like giant buttonholes, so I can slip the cart seatbealt through and around the baby. Henry's still too small to sit up properly in one of those seats without the seatbelt buckled. For the seat I used some yellow prequilted fabric and the rest is red Charlie Brown baseball fabric (love both of these--they were purchased cheapcheapcheap from JoAnns quite some time ago. as a matter of fact, I think the Charlie Brown fabric was like $.50/yd or something ridiculous). The picture is Henry taste testing the cover the other day at the Mitsuwa marketplace (all I bought was Pocky, tofu, and Hello Kitty stickers. heh). I used it today at Walmart and I had one woman come up and ask me where I got it because she has been looking for one. These are the kind of things that make me happy these days, people.

Those are the greatest things! I don't know why no one was smart enough to think of it when my kids were little.
Henry makes it look so edible...
Looks good!
I'm sure I'll be making one soon myself since I have a child who insists on eating everything!
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