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Saturday, February 08, 2003
Still plugging along on my January socks (what do you mean it's February)? LOL I am on the foot on both so it's smooth sailing (read: boring) from here on out. I am bringing them along when we go to MIL's house today. Unfortunatley I can't knit in the car (I get carsick), but maybe while we're there. I get to stop at Velona, but I don't even know if I will buy anything. I'll try to be good!!

Oh, I almost forgot! Last night I started a knitting bag using Rowan dk handknit cotton. I was looking though the two Rowan mags I have that are summer and the pattern was in one of them. It calls for 5 skeins, which is about what I have left over from my Zoe Mellor sweater. So it will be a strange multicolor bag of some sort, probably random stripes. Cool--actually using up some stash!

I put the fuzzy feet through another cycle in the washing machine. Here's how they look now. They might need one more cycle--I'll decide tomorrow.

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