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Wednesday, April 16, 2003
I'm continuing on easter sock #2 and hope to finish it so I can wear them to my MIL's on Sunday. Everyone always oooh & ahhhs over my socks (mostly cuz they want me to knit them a pair). Tonight is the knitting meetup so I am planning on attending if I feel up to it. That will be a good opportunity to work on the sock.

I am determined to knit in the car Saturday during the 2 hour drive to L.A. (DH and DBIL will be talking about baseball the whole time, I'm sure). The only problem is I get motion sickness if I knit in the car. I think I will go to the drugstore and pick up some of those accupressure bands that you put on your wrist. Worth a try, since I don't want to take dramamine (puts me to sleep).

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