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Tuesday, April 08, 2003
So many things to knit and so little time! I am feeling antsy cuz I have lots of wips and lots of other things I want to start but I can't decide what gets priority. I have a few with deadlines, but of course that makes me want to avoid them. I need to do a project for a lace exchange by the end of the month and my sister needs to get her purple socks before she leaves on the 21st. I also started my cute trekking socks and I want to have those done so I can wear them for Easter, which is the 20th. Then there's the peace shawl, which I love so I really want to work on it and the ample-knitters list is talking about doing a shawl knit-a-long. Not to mention that I just got my sheep shawl pattern for that knit-a-long and I want to start the pacific northwest shawl for my sister's bday (in July). I also want to work on the braids cardigan cuz that would be so great to have now and for the summer for cool nights or air conditioned places. I don't think I will knit anything for my mom for mother's day this year, and I haven't even started thinking about Christmas gifts. Do you ever feel this way about your knitting? Maybe I've just had too much caffeine this morning......

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