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Monday, May 12, 2003
I went to Michael's and bought a dark blue frame and a bright red mat to frame 'Ed at Play'. It looks so cute! I have it sitting on top of a speaker in the living room so I can look at it and admire it. LOL. I also framed another cross stitch that came back finished from a round robin (Bent Creek's winter row). I will have to take a picture once I get it on the wall.

I also did some work (and some frogging) on my wedding sampler and organized some exchange projects. For the tea time towel, I am using a white fingetip towel and I found a really cute design with 3 different teapots. There's also a floral sachet exchange. I found a cute little design of lavender and then I'm going to stuff the sachet with real lavender that I have from soap making.

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