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Tuesday, June 15, 2004
I continue to be really busy. Doing what? Mostly non-exciting stuff. Updating and sending out my resume', dr. appointments, sewing. Yesterday I had a (phone) job interview that went pretty well. Cross your fingers cuz although it's another temp position, it's an interesting project with better pay and duties than my last job.

Sewing. I finished a little 'travel art organizer', which will be a birthday gift for my sister's boyfriend. The dress from inexpensive fabric is basically done, but I'm not completely happy with it so I think it needs some tweaking. DH's goofy Hawaiian shirt is almost done--just need to do the hemming and the buttonband (you know, my least favorite parts). I'm also almost done with a pair of bib overalls for me. I went a little overboard with the fabric selection and I think they may be a little over the top (ie clownpants). I'll decide after I try them on.

I'm also doing some cleaning because my sister is coming for a visit this weekend. Yay! She found a last-minute cheap plane ticket so she's flying in on Saturday and leaving on Tuesday. She wants to learn to sew and we're planning to go to knitting happy hour on Sunday (if it's still on).

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