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Wednesday, July 07, 2004
Knitting. I am continuing on my cloverleaf socks. 1 is done and the second one is almost to the toe shaping. Yay! I started another project yesterday--a baby sweater. Why, I have no idea. While I was cleaning out my stash I kept out this skein of grey Lion Brand WoolEase sportweight and it kept telling me that it wanted to be a lacey baby sweater (you think I need to get out more)? I also started a rug for the Rug-Along, but it doesn't officially start until the 15th so sssshhhhhh.

Sewing. I finished up a western print purse for me and made a tote bag (with matching coin purse) for my mom. Yesterday I whipped up a bias skirt using some cotton shirting (white with red pinstripes) that was gifted to me and I'm quite pleased with it. I love the way bias skirts hang. I also finally got around to making a red belt for my yellow dress with cherries.

Pictures tomorrow. Probably.

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