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Saturday, July 31, 2004

I am so excited. This book is now available to pre-order at It contains my very first published knitting pattern!

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Friday, July 30, 2004
I just had a knitting epiphany.  This weekend I'm going to re-start the Cranberry Cardigan in Jaeger Chamonix.  At least 2 years ago, when this yarn first came out, there were lots of people talking about it online.  Ooohing and aaahing, then sadness about just how very expensive it is.  Then I saw the cranberry cardigan and I had to make it.  I splurged and ordered the yarn and the pattern book from colourway (note that it was still the most money I've ever paid for yarn to make a sweater).  I started a sleeve and knitting it was absolute heaven.  As usual, I got sidetracked and never even finished one sleeve.  Good thing because I later checked my gauge and it was off, so I frogged it and put the precious yarn back in my stash to age.  I think about it every once in a's that yarn that's almost too good to knit, know what I mean?  Well, this morning I was reading Stephanie's blog and I was admiring her cherry aran and suddenly I decided that the cranberry cardigan shall be mine!  This project will be a nice diversion from my new job, which is exhausting me!!

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Wednesday, July 28, 2004
My Summer Vacation, by Stephanie M.

I had a nice, relaxing time in Wisconsin.  I got to hang out with my mom, eat, shop, knit, eat, etc.  The weather was great and my crazy family was under control.  The only thing I was "forced" to do was attend a church luncheon with my grandmother.  I shouldn't complain, though--it was a fundraiser, my grandmother bought my ticket, and the food was pretty good.

As far as crafts are concerned, I mostly knit socks.  I finished one coral reef sock and got about halfway through the second.  I brought along my waving lace sock, but most of the time that was just too complicated for my lazy vacationing brain.  My mom loved her new tote bag with matching coin purse.  She also liked the little cross stitch kit I picked up for her and she started it while I was home.  We stopped at the quilt shop with my grandmother and I got a few cute holiday-type things.  My grandmother also gave me a fall-themed quilt kit that she bought but didn't like.  My mom and I even drove to a new craft store in Eagle River, WI.  It was interesting because it was a relatively small place packed with things related to knitting, quilting, scrapbooking, basketweaving, cross stitching, beading--you name it!  The yarn selection was small but nice.  I didn't find anything that I needed.  Oh, well, I did purchase a few stickers and some garnet beads.  No yarn, though.  Finally, I had to prove to my mom that Walmart and Ben Franklin do carry yarn (I was pretty excited to see LB Magic Stripes at BF.  Sad, huh?)

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Monday, July 26, 2004

I'm back from Wisconsin! I had a nice time, but this will have to be short. I'm off to my very first day at my new job! I leave you with a pic of my mommy in her back yard... Posted by Hello

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Monday, July 19, 2004
On Vacation until Sunday, July 25th
Tomorrow I'm flying to northern Wisconsin to spend some time with my mom before I start my new job.  We're just planning to relax, go out to eat, and avoid insane relatives as much as possible.  I haven't started packing yet, but naturally I am most concerned with what knitting projects to bring.  I was originally thinking socks only, but now I'm wondering about maybe bringing a tank to work on or something.  Hmmmm.
I got the book Men In Knits and asked DH to look through it and see if he liked any of the sweaters.  The one he picked out is the Basketweave cardigan made in Rowan Big Wool.  Now, 12 skeins x $14 is a lot of money for a sweater I know he doesn't really want anyway.  And it's not the easiest yarn to substitute--2 sts/in and fairly lightweight for being so bulky.  Ahh, nevermind.

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Friday, July 16, 2004

Making Waves sock in progress (for the six socks knit-along). Lorna's Laces sock yarn in Lakeview (note the ugly way the colors are pooling). Posted by Hello

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Coral reef socks in progress (twinkletoes sock yarn from eBay). Posted by Hello

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Cotton rug in progress. Posted by Hello

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Thursday, July 15, 2004
Well, I washed and dried my swatches. The sock yarn didn't felt (I guess it contains nylon?), but it did shrink a bit and get a little fuzzy (oh, and softer). I think I will just put care instructions on these socks to machine wash cold (gentle) and lay flat to dry. I don't know how they would stand up to multiple times in the dryer. I started a pair of plain socks for my sister with the coral reef colorway. I really like this yarn. I'm just doing K2P2 rib for the entire leg (and the top of the foot), but the gorgeous colors somehow keep me from getting bored.

The mystery wool swatch didn't felt either. Well, not really. I mean, it got fuzzy and a tiny bit stiff, but the gauge remained the same and you can definitely still see the stitches. I'm wondering if I knit it at a looser gauge and really washed the heck out of it in hot water--would it felt? Maybe I'll make another swatch.

In other news, I've been cleaning and organizing my stash. Since I already did yarn, I'm working on cross stitch stuff and fabric. Oh, and I even went through all my knitting patterns and put them into binders (the sock binder is the biggest. heh). Right now I'm making some handmade (melt n pour) soap. That was a hobby that didn't hold my interest for long, so I want to use up the supplies I have.

Today is the 15th--exciting things are happening in the online knitting world! First, the new sock was unveiled for the six socks knitalong (I think the pattern is only available if you join the group). I'm still trying to decide what yarn to use. Second, today is the first official day of the rug-a-long. I started mine a bit early, but haven't touched it since. I will try to remember to post a pic soon.

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Tuesday, July 13, 2004
Guess what I've been doing? Swatching! I'm so proud of myself. Yesterday the mailman brought me some new handpainted sockyarn I purchased on eBay (seller lotusblossom if you're interested). I bought 2 colors--coral reef & coffeecup. I emailed the seller to ask if they are superwash and she said no. But then she said that she made a pair of socks and washed and dried them and they didn't felt. Huh? So I made a swatch and I'm going to throw it in the washer and dryer today and see what happens. I also swatched the Kool-Aid wool. That's kind of a mystery yarn as well, so I'm interested to see if it felts or not. I'm hoping it does so I can make a felted tote. Off to do laundry!

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Monday, July 12, 2004

Here is my Kool Aid yarn drying in the shower. I am very pleased with the colors. I was originally planning to try to get a somewhat solid blue-purple color, but one of the purple Easter egg dye tabs didn't dissolve all the way. Voila! Variegated. I love it. As soon as it dries I'm going to swatch and throw it in the washer to see if it felts or not. It's destined to be a bag/tote for my DH's aunt, as she's the one who gave me the yarn in the first place. Posted by Hello

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Here's a simple peachskin dress I finished up yesterday (it still needs to be washed and pressed). I love this fabric--great colors *and* you can throw it in the washer and dryer and it never wrinkles. Super-easy pattern too, to show off the fabric. No zipper or anything. Posted by Hello

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Sunday, July 11, 2004

Finally finished up this dress and the belt. Posted by Hello

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fun with free ivory wool and Kool Aid! Posted by Hello

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New top for me--yellow eyelet fabric purchased on clearance at JoAnns. Posted by Hello

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Saturday, July 10, 2004
So, this morning I was talking to my sister on the phone and she decided that she simply must knit her very first sweater this summer. She's an oceanographer and she's going on one of her research cruises for 6 weeks. They work very hard, but of course there's some downtime and she wants a 'big' knitting project to take along. We talked about yarn--she's still a new knitter *and* she's on a very tight budget (in other words, she doesn't constantly shop online for bargains like me). Soooo....did I mail her the GGH Aspen that I have in my stash that would be perfect for the pattern she's interested in? Of course not--I went shopping. I ordered her some of this in chocolate truffle and it's being sent directly to her via priority mail (so she will have it before she leaves on the 21st). I'm such a good sister. Hey, it was a real bargain anyway. Heh.

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Friday, July 09, 2004
More good stuff arrived in the mail today (can you tell that I have been shopping ever since I received news of my new job)? First, 400g of Regia sock yarn direct from Germany (including some of the new nation color). Second, a package containing 1 skein Opal handpaint, 1 skein of the new Opal cotton blend, and a Phildar babies magazine. Finally, there was a giant box of yarn on my doorstep (!!!!) when I returned from lunch with a friend. This was actually from The Great Stash Redistribution project, which I totally forgot I even signed up for. There wasn't really anything terribly interesting (to me) in it, but I did manage to take a few things and add a few things. Now to lug that big thing to the Post Office and mail it to the next person!

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Thursday, July 08, 2004

Look what the mailman brought me! New sock yarn from On the left is Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in fall foliage (I keep thinking of Marge Simpson saying 'foilage'). In the middle is some green GGH wollywasch that was on clearance, and on the right is Lorna's Laces shepherd sock in Lakeview, which is a new color. Finally, on the bottom is 2 skeins of koigu in color 2380. Can you say YUM??? Posted by Hello

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Ta da! Cloverleaf socks are done.

I also finished the Regia cotton surf socks that have been in my purse for months. Woo!!

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Wednesday, July 07, 2004
Knitting. I am continuing on my cloverleaf socks. 1 is done and the second one is almost to the toe shaping. Yay! I started another project yesterday--a baby sweater. Why, I have no idea. While I was cleaning out my stash I kept out this skein of grey Lion Brand WoolEase sportweight and it kept telling me that it wanted to be a lacey baby sweater (you think I need to get out more)? I also started a rug for the Rug-Along, but it doesn't officially start until the 15th so sssshhhhhh.

Sewing. I finished up a western print purse for me and made a tote bag (with matching coin purse) for my mom. Yesterday I whipped up a bias skirt using some cotton shirting (white with red pinstripes) that was gifted to me and I'm quite pleased with it. I love the way bias skirts hang. I also finally got around to making a red belt for my yellow dress with cherries.

Pictures tomorrow. Probably.

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Monday, July 05, 2004

Baby cloverleaf socks. I used 24 sts, US 6 needles, and Lorna's Laces worsted leftovers. Posted by Hello

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Saturday, July 03, 2004
:::::::::::BREAKING NEWS::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

I got a great new job offer yesterday! I am really excited and still a bit shocked. We actually got home from the Padres game last night and there was an offer letter in my email inbox (I had just interviewed there on Thursday). So, say hello to the newest staff scientist at Medivas.

I start July 26. I need to get in lots of knitting and sewing before then!

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Friday, July 02, 2004
Did you watch Knitty Gritty? It's fabulous!!! Don't worry, if you have DIY network you can still catch all the episodes.

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Once again, I am back in full-on sock knitting mode. It was only a matter of time, I suppose. I'm working on cloverleaf #1 and I'm almost to the toe shaping. In fact, I'm knitting it while I'm reading stuff on the computer, which I don't usually do. Just for fun, I made a pair of baby cloverleaf socks using up some Lorna's Laces worsted leftovers. Cute.

These are the other socks that I have on the needles right now: waving lace using Lorna's Laces daffodil, yellow Kroy lace socks of my own design, Regia cotton surf socks in my purse, Regia Ringel in black which are to be a Christmas gift, Ahoy! socks from the sock calender, broadripples in fixation. Gee, I think that's enought to keep me busy for a while, no? Of course, my mind is always wandering to which new sock patterns or yarn I should try. I have a pretty big stash of sock yarn and I just ordered some more Regia from eBay. Whee!

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Thursday, July 01, 2004

Small purse made from leftover fabric. Cute! Posted by Hello

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Inside of purse Posted by Hello

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Green Bay Packer shorts for me! Posted by Hello

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