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Saturday, July 10, 2004
So, this morning I was talking to my sister on the phone and she decided that she simply must knit her very first sweater this summer. She's an oceanographer and she's going on one of her research cruises for 6 weeks. They work very hard, but of course there's some downtime and she wants a 'big' knitting project to take along. We talked about yarn--she's still a new knitter *and* she's on a very tight budget (in other words, she doesn't constantly shop online for bargains like me). Soooo....did I mail her the GGH Aspen that I have in my stash that would be perfect for the pattern she's interested in? Of course not--I went shopping. I ordered her some of this in chocolate truffle and it's being sent directly to her via priority mail (so she will have it before she leaves on the 21st). I'm such a good sister. Hey, it was a real bargain anyway. Heh.

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