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Wednesday, July 28, 2004
My Summer Vacation, by Stephanie M.

I had a nice, relaxing time in Wisconsin.  I got to hang out with my mom, eat, shop, knit, eat, etc.  The weather was great and my crazy family was under control.  The only thing I was "forced" to do was attend a church luncheon with my grandmother.  I shouldn't complain, though--it was a fundraiser, my grandmother bought my ticket, and the food was pretty good.

As far as crafts are concerned, I mostly knit socks.  I finished one coral reef sock and got about halfway through the second.  I brought along my waving lace sock, but most of the time that was just too complicated for my lazy vacationing brain.  My mom loved her new tote bag with matching coin purse.  She also liked the little cross stitch kit I picked up for her and she started it while I was home.  We stopped at the quilt shop with my grandmother and I got a few cute holiday-type things.  My grandmother also gave me a fall-themed quilt kit that she bought but didn't like.  My mom and I even drove to a new craft store in Eagle River, WI.  It was interesting because it was a relatively small place packed with things related to knitting, quilting, scrapbooking, basketweaving, cross stitching, beading--you name it!  The yarn selection was small but nice.  I didn't find anything that I needed.  Oh, well, I did purchase a few stickers and some garnet beads.  No yarn, though.  Finally, I had to prove to my mom that Walmart and Ben Franklin do carry yarn (I was pretty excited to see LB Magic Stripes at BF.  Sad, huh?)

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