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Thursday, July 15, 2004
Well, I washed and dried my swatches. The sock yarn didn't felt (I guess it contains nylon?), but it did shrink a bit and get a little fuzzy (oh, and softer). I think I will just put care instructions on these socks to machine wash cold (gentle) and lay flat to dry. I don't know how they would stand up to multiple times in the dryer. I started a pair of plain socks for my sister with the coral reef colorway. I really like this yarn. I'm just doing K2P2 rib for the entire leg (and the top of the foot), but the gorgeous colors somehow keep me from getting bored.

The mystery wool swatch didn't felt either. Well, not really. I mean, it got fuzzy and a tiny bit stiff, but the gauge remained the same and you can definitely still see the stitches. I'm wondering if I knit it at a looser gauge and really washed the heck out of it in hot water--would it felt? Maybe I'll make another swatch.

In other news, I've been cleaning and organizing my stash. Since I already did yarn, I'm working on cross stitch stuff and fabric. Oh, and I even went through all my knitting patterns and put them into binders (the sock binder is the biggest. heh). Right now I'm making some handmade (melt n pour) soap. That was a hobby that didn't hold my interest for long, so I want to use up the supplies I have.

Today is the 15th--exciting things are happening in the online knitting world! First, the new sock was unveiled for the six socks knitalong (I think the pattern is only available if you join the group). I'm still trying to decide what yarn to use. Second, today is the first official day of the rug-a-long. I started mine a bit early, but haven't touched it since. I will try to remember to post a pic soon.

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