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Friday, July 16, 2004

Making Waves sock in progress (for the six socks knit-along). Lorna's Laces sock yarn in Lakeview (note the ugly way the colors are pooling). Posted by Hello

Virtuella writes:
(sorry to write anonymous.. but I cant figure out how to not do it anonymous..)

I like the yarn you use in this wave sock!!!

Kind regards from Norway
The colors will spiral around the foot. It's pretty when done. I had a sock do the same thing.
I haven't started my Waves yet. But your colorway is gorgeous. I also love the rug you're working on. It's inspiration to me. Thank you.

I love the way the colors are pooling. Boy I wish I had gotten that color. I got the Ice Box colorway. I saw someone else's socks in it and became obsessed. Seeing your sock, I believe I may have a new obsession!

Teresa C
I *love* the way the colors are pooling! they're lovely!

Liz ("lizknitts")
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