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Monday, July 19, 2004
On Vacation until Sunday, July 25th
Tomorrow I'm flying to northern Wisconsin to spend some time with my mom before I start my new job.  We're just planning to relax, go out to eat, and avoid insane relatives as much as possible.  I haven't started packing yet, but naturally I am most concerned with what knitting projects to bring.  I was originally thinking socks only, but now I'm wondering about maybe bringing a tank to work on or something.  Hmmmm.
I got the book Men In Knits and asked DH to look through it and see if he liked any of the sweaters.  The one he picked out is the Basketweave cardigan made in Rowan Big Wool.  Now, 12 skeins x $14 is a lot of money for a sweater I know he doesn't really want anyway.  And it's not the easiest yarn to substitute--2 sts/in and fairly lightweight for being so bulky.  Ahh, nevermind.

Steph, you can get Rowan Big Wool for waaaay less than $14 a skein-- - they ship to the US and they're great. Normal price for Big Wool is 5.74 pounds sterling per skein, which is around $10. And they do sale packs of ten, too -
just cheerfully enabling!

Liz ("lizknits")
Safe journey, Stephanie. I hope you have a great vacation.(And I still love the swirling blue/green sock.) ;)

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