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Wednesday, January 26, 2005
Yesterday I wrote a nifty post with lots of links and of course blogger ate it. Maybe another time.

I am still sick, but getting better. I took Monday and Tuesday off work, and Tuesday I was actually able to do some knitting while sitting on the couch watching bad tv. It was a secret book project, though, so I can't tell ya much about it. I can say that I'm working with Cascade 220 for the first time (can you believe it?) and it's yummy!

My sister (who just recently started knitting) sent me the most adorable pair of green baby booties that she made for the baby! I wish I could post a pic, but um, I still don't know where the camera is. Maybe this weekend I will find it (between me being sick and DH working, we haven't unpacked much of anything).

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