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Wednesday, January 19, 2005
My life is soooo boring right now, especially in terms of knitting. Yesterday at lunch, I did a few rows on the pink opal sock. Last night while watching tv, I knit a few rows on MIL's sock. Seriously. That's it.

Otherwise, I'm always working or tired. Oh yeah, and packing. Oh how I hate the packing. I guess I shouldn't complain that much since I won't be doing any of the actual moving. You know, delicate condition and all that. DH is renting a moving truck on Saturday and luckily he has some friends that are going to help him out with the big stuff.

My excitement for today was going to Mervyn's on my lunch hour. I had a giftcard (a xmas gift from DH) that was burning a hole in my purse. Seriously, that's probably the longest I've gone without spending one of those things. I found a bunch of Holly Robinson Peete maternity clothes on clearance so I totally scored. woohoo!

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