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Monday, January 03, 2005
Well, I wasn't planning on making any New Year's resolutions this year (other than goofy ones like gain weight, give birth, etc). But somehow I did come up with 2:

1. Learn to crochet. For real. Finally.
2. Bring re-useable bags when I go shopping.

Yes, these two are related. Since we are planning to move into our new apartment in a few weeks, we have started de-cluttering and packing. I unearthed 5 million plastic grocery bags that I couldn't throw away, so I am recycling them into yarn. There are lots of cool patterns to crochet tote bags and rugs with this 'yarn' (plus it's much faster than knitting), hence the need to learn to crochet. There are also lots of neat new patterns out there like the special Interweave crochet issue and this baby book.

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