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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

You may have noticed that in last Wednesday's entry Henry was wearing a bright orange wool soaker. I knit that one using the hybrid wool soaker pattern and some vintage wool from eBay. Here's the other one I just knit in preemie size

The stars are cut from some felted wool leftovers and sewn on. This one won't fit him for much longer!

Here's a pic of him modeling one I made a while back using this pattern and some cascade 220 in white. It's really a lot cuter on than I thought it would be.

Right now I'm trying out this pattern with some kelly green cascade 220.

I know I was skeptical, but these wool soakers really are great over cloth diapers. They are cooler and more breathable than plastic of any kind and they really do soak up a lot of liquid. Oh, and you don't have to wash them each time you use them. Wool is magical that way.

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