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Friday, June 17, 2005
To answer the question from the last post, the diapers are from the free preemie pattern here and the t-shirts are from Simplicity 9275. I made the t-shirts in the preemie size, but they are actually way too big for Henry right now. No big deal, he will grow into them of course.

At yesterday's doctor appointment Henry weighed in at 5lb 9oz. Needless to say he is eating well and we are just to continue doing everything the same. He doesn't have to go back until his 6-8 week checkup!

It should be an interesting weekend. Tomorrow is DH's birthday and the inlaws are coming down. I already gave him his gift and I ordered a guava cream cake from the Hawaiian bakery (per his request). No big plans for father's day--just quality time with Henry and possibly some naps!

More Henry:

Thanks for taking the time to post Stephanie. I was thinking about you and Henry and hoping his appointment went well. :)
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