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Tuesday, May 31, 2005
More Henry

I started a sweater for Henry! I found a simple preemie cardigan pattern online and I'm using some stash yarn that's yellow cotton/acrylic.

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Sunday, May 29, 2005
knitting content, sort of

Here's little Henry with the adorable new hat that auntie Karen knit for him. Note the matching bear with sweater (there are even matching socks to the set)!

Big news--he got moved from his incubator to an open bassinette in the NICU

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Saturday, May 28, 2005

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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Just wanted to post an update about what's been going on. Baby boy Mrse is here! I'll try to give the short version, and hopefully I'll be able to post some photos later on.

My water broke prematurely on Wednesday the 18th (32 wks 5 days). There were no serious issues with me or baby, but I had to stay in the hospital under careful monitoring. I was given antibiotics to prevent infection and steroids to help baby's lungs mature.

I went into labor on Saturday afternoon and by early Sunday morning I was ready to start pushing. Enter problem--baby had been head down but decided to turn breech sometime Saturday evening. Breech + preemie + no amniotic fluid = emergency c-section. Baby arrived May 22nd at 3:24 am. He was 3 lbs 15.5 oz and about 16.5 inches long (33wks 2 days).

I was discharged from the hospital on Wednesday. Baby is in the NICU and doing very well for being such a tiny little bugger. He has been breathing on his own the entire time and is now eating from a bottle like a champ. They are guessing that we will get to take him home in 3-4 weeks.

Still working on the name. We were a bit unprepared for this!

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Monday, May 16, 2005
Yes, more diapers

I'm having fun making diapers. Well, at least they're useful, right? The red ones are more AIOs. The teal ones are called pocket diapers. They have an outer waterproof layer (PUL) and an inner "stay-dry" wicking layer (ALOVA suedecloth from JoAnns). Then there's an opening in the back of the diaper where you can slip in your absorbent soaker and then remove it for easy washing and drying. Many people seem to love these pocket diapers and they're really quite trim. The 2 light blue ones are just waterproof covers made from PUL and fold-over elastic. I also made one more (not pictured) from the teal monkey fabric.

Not much else to report. I bought a men's Padres t-shirt on clearance--size XXL--and cut it up and made it into a maternity tank top. It turned out pretty cute. I also used some of my diaper fabric scraps to make some nursing pads and cloth menstrual pads. Exciting!

I'm continuing on my finding nemo cross stitch and maybe I'll post a progress pic tomorrow. Today is Monday which means 'work on Christmas stuff day' so I'm back to my Bent Creek Snowman stocking.

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Friday, May 13, 2005

I'm back to sewing diapers, which is fun! Especially since I've gotten quite a few new fabrics over the last few weeks. Ahem. I do buy them from sewing co-ops so at least I get really good prices.

What I made yesterday:

These are called All-In-Ones (AIOs) because the outer layer is waterproof (which means you don't need an extra cover). So, the outer layer is printed PUL (polyurethane laminated) cotton, the inner is cotton velour, then there's a middle layer of flannel and a hidden soaker of microfiber & flannel. It's finished with Aplix (similar to velcro) and fold-over elastic (binding & elastic in one). This is the pattern I used.

In other news, I can't believe I am 32 weeks today. That means only about 8 more weeks to go!!

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Wednesday, May 11, 2005
This N That

Check out my campy new kitchen appliance covers! The one on the left is the coffeemaker and the one on the right is the toaster. I finally found a use for one of my favorite Michael Miller prints (it has cute little salt & pepper shakers all over it).

I also have a small cross stitch finish. This is a little pincushion that was a free kit with a magazine several years ago.

I'm continuing to work on my Finding Nemo cross stitch and I also started this one (for the baby, of course).

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Friday, May 06, 2005
Well, I haven't been doing much lately other than working and sleeping (and watching baseball). With the arrival of the third trimester, I'm back to being tired a lot. I did start a new cross stitch project--I'm making this for the baby.

My current temp work project ended today and I'm not sure when I'll get called back--maybe in 2 weeks. So I'm looking forward to resting, getting caught up on cleaning and errands, cooking, and more sewing. We also need to get our butts to a few childbirth preparation and infant care classes at the hospital. Not to mention the tour of labor & delivery (since I've never even been to the hospital)!

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Sunday, May 01, 2005
A finish!

Today I finished up Poppy Baby

Now I need to wash and iron it. Then I'm going to make it into a fabric wallhanging and put it on the door of the nursery.

Right now I'm sewing a sleeveless maternity top with some cute argyle polyester that I got from It's really warm in the office I'm working in so I'm in need of some cool tops that are suitable for work.

Today DH and I went to an arts & crafts fair in Ramona. It was fun because the majority of the things were actually handmade. Nice jewlery, some knit purses, scarves, and baby clothes, soaps, sewn items. Really cute. I did manage to pick up a few things that I will never get around to making myself in this lifetime. Oh, and kettlecorn.

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